What is the Simple Truth?

On this website you’re going to learn and hear about many simple truths, however there is only one that is essential to understanding them all.

You are loved. You are loved in a way that is deeper and stronger than anything you have ever experienced in your life. And that is the love of God, the One who created you. No matter how broken or far gone you may feel, it is never too much for God. In fact, He knew you would be broken, and because of His love for you, He decided He didn’t want to leave you that way. So He sent His one and only son, Jesus Christ, to take all of your mistakes, all of your shame, all of your guilt–and to die on the Cross for it all. He once and for all put to death all of your wrongdoings, all so you could live freely and fully in the love of God and be in relationship with Him. But that’s not all. After Jesus went to the cross, carrying the weight of every sin, He rose three days later, forever defeating death and sin. Now you have the free gift of eternal life because of what Jesus did on the cross–forĀ you.

And that right there, is the Simple Gospel. You can never earn it, and you will never deserve it, but the free gift has been given to all who believe and accept in their hearts that Jesus is the Son of God. Accepting the Gospel is just as simple as that. Living it out in a world as complicated as ours, however, may be quite the opposite of simplicity.