God as an Inventor

“Through Him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” (John 1:3-4)

The simple truth: God loves us so much that He gave us life.

I sit in awe at that simple, yet unbelievably amazing that truth is. God did not HAVE to give us life. He did not HAVE to create us and form us to His image–but He did, and He did because of how much He loves and adores us. Our breath. Our hearts. Our bones. Our voices. Our minds. Our souls. Every little piece about us is in place by God and from God.

If you have ever heard the phrase, “I’m not my own”, it begins to make a lot of sense when you realize your life and your breath is all from God. You do not even own them. Your breath is not your breath. It is literally owned and operated by God. He gave us life itself; and since He created it, He owns it.

It is simple, really. Think of it like a person who decides to patent their invention.

In order to patent something, it must be considered intellectual property. Intellectual property is essentially just a work that came from someone’s brain, or imagination, or thoughts; it arose from their personal intellect. When one forms the invention–something they thought up and created on their own, all from their mind–he or she then patents it. This basically means he or she lawfully owns this “thing” that has been created, and no one else can claim ownership over it.

That’s what God did to us and to our lives. He created them in His intelligence, and He patented life itself. He said, “I created life. I own it, and no one else can claim ownership over it.”

That means He literally OWNS every single piece of us. Now, do not mistake what this means with the fact we still have free will. God created life and He owns it, but He allows us to use it. Just like how the inventor typically invents something that can be used by others for some general purpose. We are merely using the invention of life that God invented.

However, using the invention of another is never free-of-charge. You have to pay to install/download/use someone else’s invention.

That’s Jesus. Jesus paid the ultimate price once and for all–for our LIVES. We now get to FREELY use this invention of life, even though we very much should have had to pay for it ourselves.



People seem to have missed this. They’ve misunderstood how to use this invention of life. They think they are in control of their own lives–independent as some would say. They think when something bad happens, they must take the initiative to get themselves out of it. On the contrary, when something great occurs, they believe it was their own might and strength that got them there. They believe they know the best way to use this life they have, and they either don’t need God’s constant input, or they don’t need God at all.

When you use someone else’s invention–one they invented in their mind–you need directions on how to use it. The inventor literally created it and put it into existence, so for someone else to claim they know how to use it, well, that is just silly. There is no way to know someone else’s brain. However, if the inventor explains how it works, typically in a manual or directions, he now opens it up for others to use it properly. If you try operating the product without directions, you will probably break something or do something wrong.

God invented our lives. He thought of human life, created it, and put it into existence. He knows how to run it and operate it PERFECTLY. And guess what? He even gives us those directions on how to do it. It is called The Bible.

But, that wasn’t good enough for humans and we decided to operate the machine without the manual. And when we did that, we broke. We malfunctioned because we tried using the machine for a purpose that it wasn’t created for. So Jesus came and gave us a new manual and an update on the machine.

We are merely using the machine of life–but God is the owner and inventor.

The reason sin is so detrimental and so painful is because it’s completely against what we were created for. We use the machine without the manual–we break and malfunction. But, Jesus came as the mechanic who fixed us humans up, once and for all. We will never be as perfect of a machine as God desired when He first created us, but the more we follow the manual and instructions, the better our machine will run–the more joyful and strong we will be, no longer trying to blindly run a machine we didn’t create.

When we finally realize we cannot operate the machine of life on our own, and that our lives aren’t even ours–that is when we fully surrender to God and experience freedom in Him. We are trying to illegally take ownership over something we did not invent–something someone else patented. When we surrender it all to Him, we are merely letting the inventor have rightful ownership of his invention. And since He invented it, He knows how to run it perfectly.

Let go of trying to be in control, and see what happens when you surrender your life to the One who created it.

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